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Get local delivery of our award-winning Beet Burgers and plant-based dog treats!  Click here to order.



- Amy, Longmont, CO

Love at first bite!

"I am a HeartBeets beet burger fanatic!! I love them cold out of the fridge or grilled and served on a bun with avocado and tomato!  They’re a great grab and go snack, a convenient camping meal, or a great travel meal!  Even my 93 year old midwest farmer meat eating father loves them!!"

Get to know HeartBeets

Our Story

Melissa started I Love HeartBeets™ out of a desire to create earth-friendly, plant-based products made from healing foods to help others and the planet. 


Steve uses Colorado and US-grown organic foods, including beets, oat flour, eggs and sweet potatoes to create our signature baked beet burgers in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. 


Producing "clean-label" foods with a minimal carbon footprint and maximum nutritional benefits is how we believe we can create stronger, healthier communities. 

UnBeetable Dog Treats

Our UnBeetable Dog Treats are packed full of omega oils and protein from hemp & flax. Our treats are free of corn, wheat, soy protein, pea protein, added sugars, added fats, or added meat by-products. 


The dogs in our lives deserve treats full of high quality ingredients as much as we do!


We firmly believe that healthy foods help make happy dogs. We proudly list all ingredients and their benefits to your pet on our packaging.

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