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HeartBeets Dog Treat Supplements  (Prices & Sizes Vary)
Image by Chewy
High quality ingredients with low carbon footprints
make the best foods for your pup!

Your love for your pets is expressed many ways; your language, your touch, walks and playing, and through the foods you give them. Food is energy and the treats you give your pet should reflect your love for them. Why settle for average treats when you can give them something extraordinary?

During  Steve's recovery from a serious car accident, his Therapy Dog, Onyx, was a great comfort and help to him. He decided to develop a treat for Onyx as a way of thanking him for his dedication and comfort. Our ingredients have been selected for their benefits to dogs and are full of anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants to help ensure a longer happier life for our canine companions.
Our treats are plant-based and are high in Omega Oils and proteins and have a taste that dogs love! Our ingredients are locally sourced whole foods, combined with love and baked in small batches to ensure consistent quality.
Producing "Clean Label" foods with a minimal carbon footprint and maximum nutritional benefits helps make stronger, healthier communities.

Try UnBeetable Dog Treats – your companions will thank you!

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