HeartBeet Supplement Treats For Dog are available in three sizes:

2 oz. (56 g) bag; 5 oz. (142 g) bag or "Doggie Bag"of 2 bags; 10 oz. (284 g) "Big Dog" bag; or a mix of sizes.


We use quality ingredients sourced from the U.S.A. and bake them in small batches to make a nutrient packed supplement full of Omega Oils in an optimized ratio to deliver powerful benefits to dogs. Omega Oils have been thoroughly researched and have proven to:


  • Ease joint pain
  • Relieve skin issues
  • Protect kidney function
  • Slow cancer spread and tumor growth

HeartBeets™ Supplement Treats For Dogs (Prices & Sizes Vary)

  • We make small batches and keep quality high. During these times of heightened Covid-19 awareness, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers. This limits the amount of orders available at a given time.


    Due to high demand, we keep the amount of product orders limited to four (4) bags per household each month. Current monthly production limitations require you to ORDER EARLY to ensure prompt delivery of our HeartBeet Supplement Treats! Your dog will love you for it!